Other Peoples Problems: Puppy Problems and the Solution

Katie sent us an email asking for help.  

Hello Dave, Steve & Falen!

Long time listener here, 1998 Last Chance Summer Dance to be exact. This is the best morning show cohost team Dave has had!

Anyway, I am writing to you about a group therapy on my dog. Casper is our rescue dog we got back in October last year. He's a 70 pound lab/bulldog mix. He was abused by his previous owners, as well as attacked by a few dogs. He's been great up until about a month ago.

I started working a month ago (from being a stay at home mom) and since then has been interesting. If we leave him out of his kennel, he gets himself into trouble. Chewing anything, clawing at the drywall, getting around our barriers and getting into the garbage and the fish/vegetable oil in our carpets.

If we keep him in his kennel (now a wire kennel, as he can get out of plastic ones with the wire doors), he will hurt himself trying to get out. Scratches up his face, sometimes successfully getting out & today pooping all over himself while in the kennel while getting a chunk of his snout from the wire while we ran to the store.

I'm looking for help! We can't be the only dog owners who have issues with their dog. We don't want to get rid of him, but we are at our wits end. Doggie daycare are out of the question as he doesn't really do all that well around other dogs. The thunder shirt for dogs with anxiety? Talking to a vet? We aren't sure where to go from here. I guess we're just looking for suggestions from others and not judgement.

Thank you all!


The show spoke with Paula a behavioral specialist from the Animal Humane Society and she gave some great advice to Katie and to people dealing with similar issues.  

1.  Looking for a boarding facility that offers day boarding where they'll walk the pup solo.  

2.  Contact a vet that's a behavioral specialist, Paula from Animal Humane Society recommends Veterinary Specialist of Minnesota.

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