Man Posts Text Convos To Prove His Ex-Wife Is A Terrible Mom [PHOTOS]

Imgur user Seeger33 recently published a collection of text exchanges between he and his ex-wife after he noticed she'd continually neglect to take their three underage children (the eldest is in college) on previously agreed upon weekends.

Here's what he said about the messages:

Ex wife has new husband and two new babies. We had 4 children together and our children are not a priority for her.

The boys are heading down the same path of being ignored. It’s gotten  progressively worse for them. They are 9 & 13 and need to know they  are loved. I probably do too much with them to make up for what they  lack from their mom. The last month has been the same story week after  week, when I ask about her picking the boys up on her days she doesn’t  take them. Always with her signature ending to asking me to keep them…  ‘that would be great’

Here's the proof:

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