Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 3/3-3/5

This weekend was pretty low key for me and it felt great.  Friday night I went to a dive bar called Skinners in St. Paul for a few drinks and to catch up with a friend.

I was pretty lazy on Saturday but at night I went to Can Can Wonderland and if you haven't been to this place before I highly recommend it.  My friend and I got there at 8:30pm and it was crazy busy.  We were put on a 2.5 hour wait to mini golf, TO MINI GOLF.  So we hung out and checked out the place.

It's in an old canning factory (hence the name) and the hallways before entering have awesome graffiti all over them. 

They serve a variety of things and I decided to get the chili mac & cheese nachos. 

The mini golf course is artist-designed and my favorite design was the State Fair hole which involves a rotating ferris wheel.  

And here's a picture of my friend and I after we finished the course. P.S. I won 58-64 :) 

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