Weekend in Five Pictures (3/3-3/5)

The weekend came and went but it started with something I used to do all the time as a kid, Fish Fry.  It's really big in Rochester, NY (they do it year round) and when we heard the Lions Club was doing one we were in 110%.

Saturday I spent four hours watching people freeze their butts off at Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Minnesota.  One of the coolest groups to plunge was from Delta Airlines, they had people fly in from all around the world.  (seriously, met people from Moscow and the Philippines) 

Fox 9's Ian Leonard was another highlight, he and his team dressed up, Ian was Prince and his team dressed as purple rain and I'll give them credit for effort but I think it missed the mark.  LOL!  

Another bonus from the Polar Plunge was a surprise proposal and if you didn't see it on my instagram account you can see it here.  

Finally, my seven-year-old, Olivia sitting patiently working on a project she had to do for Girl Scouts and it made me smile because this is just the first of many.  

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