Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (March 3-5)

Hope you had a great weekend!  It was supposed to be super-nice on Sunday and it was only "okay" but still nice enough for we Minnesotans (and western-Wisconsinites!) to get outside and pretend it's Spring!

Friday night, I emceed the Ad Fed Awards.  There are a ton of creative people in Minnesota making print ads, radio ads, TV ads, marketing, design and more.  Seriously, the creativity in this room was something you could almost feel.  Thanks Ad Fed for letting me be part of this!

I used to run about 10 miles a week or more.  Now I'm lucky if I run 10 miles in a month.  So Saturday I got on the treadmill and did 3 miles at a 10-minute mile pace.  It wasn't as easy as it should have been, but it felt good!

I got a new car!  Well, it's actually three years old, but it's new to me.  My last car was 11 years old and I loved it but it's going to Carson.  Seriously, buy a used car!  You save SO much on them!  They say the second a new car title is transferred to someone, it loses about 20% of it's value before they even drive it.

This is Zoe.  She's the neighbor's dog.  I watched Zoe while they were out of town.  She loved it when I would come over to feed her or let her out.  And she seemed lonely, so I'd sit on the floor with her and scratch her.

It was nice enough on Sunday to take the motorcycle out for a ride.  We rode to one of our favorite places, Grumpy's in St. Boni.

Have a great week!  Thanks for checking out my blog!


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