Raven Joins OrangeTheory Fitness' Transformation Challenge - Week 6 [PHOTOS]

At the start of the New Year, I vowed to begin a fitness journey that would help me live a healthier lifestyle (getting into shape, eating right, eliminating stress, etc.). So... I joined OrangeTheory Fitness' six-week Transformation Challenge. The challenge required that I complete three OrangeTheory Fitness classes per week for six consecutive weeks. Now, six weeks later, I can honestly say I'm the healthiest and fittest I've ever been.

Here's why I love OrangeTheory Fitness:

1. It's instructional. A trainer will tell you what to do, how many times and for how long. He/ she will guide you through the entire workout.

2. It's motivational. Between the upbeat music, your trainer's words of encouragement and the 23 other souls sweating it out alongside you, you'll stay motivated during the entire 60-minute workout.

3. It's educational. Trainers teach you the proper way to execute exercises to promote the best results and to prevent injury.

4. It works. Results are guaranteed.

Before the challenge, I met with Quinn, one of the trainers at OrangeTheory Fitness - Plymouth, to have an assessment and to set a couple outcome and behavioral goals during the transformation challenge. 

Check out my numbers, goals and Week 6 photos below:

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March 2

Weight: 124.4 lbs (up 3.4 lbs)

BMI: 18.9 (up 0.5)

Handheld Body Fat: 17.9% (up .3%)

Circumference Measurements

Bicep: 9.25" (up .25 inches)

Waist: 25.25" (up .25 inches)

Hip: 36" (no change)

Thigh: 18.25" (10" down) (down .25 inches)

Outcome goals and behavioral focus:

Outcomes: a) Increase inches on hips, decrease inches on waist. More definition on arms, abs (bigger butt, tighter tummy and stronger arms)

b) Feel better, reduce stress

Behavioral: a) 3+ meals (each containing 25g Protein = 75g or more)

b) Increase water consumption, drink 60-100 oz (At least 3 OTF Water Bottles)

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