The Things Your Car Color Says About You

Here are six car colors, and what people think they say about your personality . . .



1.  A black car makes you seem charming, intelligent, and ambitious.  But also selfish.


2.  White or silver makes you seem trustworthy.


3.  Red makes you seem happy and adventurous, but also angry.


4.  Blue makes you seem loyal, kind, and considerate.


5.  Tan or brown makes people think you're grumpy, mean, and boring.


6.  A gold car makes you seem greedy and wealthy.  Obviously it has to be an expensive car though.  Even if it's gold, people won't think you're rich if you're driving a 1998 Ford Focus.



The survey also found men think women in red cars are the sexiest, and women think blue cars are the most attractive for men.  The least attractive car color is brown. 

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