Here's The Exact Time of Day You Should Be Drinking Coffee

As much as we love our cup o'joe first thing in the morning, a recent study found a caffeine fix so early in the day isn't the best idea.

According to researchers at Boston College, the ideal time to drink coffee is when you feel like you need it most, rather than when you first wake up. So, if you usually hit a wall around 3 p.m., that's when you should make a coffee run.

Here's why: when it comes to caffeine, more isn't better. If you're a morning person who starts the day with a ton of energy, or if you've had a full night's sleep, a cup of coffee in the morning won't give you an extra pep in your step. It's in the afternoon, when the yawns kick in, that your latte will give you the added energy you need.

Source: PureWow; photo: Getty Images

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