Being Single Is The Best Thing For Your Career

When you're single, your job never has to take a backseat to your relationship, which is great for your career. Here's several ways to let your single relationship status work to your advantage in your career.

Work late. Stay at the office instead of hitting happy hour every week, and you’ll get so much done. When most people are gone, it’s easy to focus. Plus, putting in extra hours will impress your boss.

Do some solo networking. It’s easier to work the room and make contacts when you don’t have your S.O. at an event with you.

Seek out professional development opportunities. You don't have to worry about your boyfriend's sister's bestie's baby shower when you're single, so spend some time learning something new you can add to your resume.

Find your passion. You might not have your dream job yet, but being single gives you time to figure out what makes you happy.

Take time for you. Even when you’re putting your career first, you need to take time for self-care. Working hard is good, but so is hitting the gym after a hard day, or cooking healthy meals and getting to bed early. Taking care of yourself will help you excel at your job because you’ll be focused. You probably won’t be single forever, so enjoy it while you can.

Source: Elite Daily/ photo: Getty Images

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