Take Two - Listeners Redesign the KDWB Logo

Jess originally emailed us last week with concepts for revamping KDWB's iconic logo and after a few "constructive critiques" she was able to produce new ideas. Here's a gallery of her ideas followed by logo concepts from Matt, Val and Daniel. 

Design by Val

Hey, my name is Val. I'm an artist and engineering student from Livingston, Montana. I used to listen to the station a lot when I lived in the cities. A friend of mine that lives there told me you were looking to redesign the logo, so here is my crack at a new design.

Matt's design

Matt heard us talking about KDWB's logo and became inspired.  

Daniel logo idea

Daniel also sent us some ideas.  

Hey Guys:

I listen to you guys every morning, so after hearing about Dave's desire for a logo update, I took a peak at your site to see the newly designed logo reveal.  In my opinion, it was ok.  It didn't scream #1 Hit Music Station to me.  So, having a little free time at work today, I quickly came up with a few concepts.  When I say quick, I'm not exaggerating.  So these aren't finished products by any means.  They're a bit different than the current logo though as I kind of went off on my own design tangent.  I hope you enjoy them. :)

What do you think?  Comment below!  

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