Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (2/24 - 2/26)

The weekend started with us doing our show from Buck Hill for Shred-a-thon. The only bad part was the fact that I didn't have sunglasses or goggles so my eyes were burning from the wind. 

Malcolm the dog, the un-official/official pup of Buck Hill was a huge hit when he came by the broadcast. 

This is from Friday evening, Grandma got Olivia a dress from the "Beauty and the Beast" line at Target.  She looks adorable but I'm more of a fan of Isaac photobombing her picture.

Over the weekend Kristy and I went out with a bunch of friends and went to a place she used to work in Osseo.  Shout out to the best small town bar in the Cities, Duffy's.  

I'm a sucker for a Disney movie and we bought Moana on Saturday night and it was totally worth it.  The movie is totally different and two of the songs, "Where You Are" and "Shiny" are both total earworms.  

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