Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 2/24 - 2/26

I had an extremely busy weekend and it all started with the Shred-A-Thon Friday night.  My best friend, Bailey, from my hometown came to visit and we went out to Buck Hill from 11pm to 4am.  Shout out to all the kids that did tricks for FB live at 3am! Here we are before the wind caused us to add 5 more layers.  That's Tina and Harry from promotions on the chair lift behind us.

My mom came up to visit with my aunt for my cousin's bday weekend who's a freshman at the U of M. My mom has her own landscaping business and just LOVES what she does so we decided to check out the Como Conservatory Saturday afternoon. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner at Terzo.  I got the scallops and they were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

After dinner we tried to take a couple quick pics and I am slowly realizing I am my mother's daughter. It was also my roommate's birthday weekend so after running around all day Saturday, I managed to pull myself together to go out downtown with her and a crew of friends to celebrate! 

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