Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (February 24-26)

Wait, the weekend's over already?  Yep, that's how it goes.  Hope you had a good one!

Let's start off with the Shredathon for Special Olympics Minnesota at Buck Hill.  Friday, my Twitter buddy, Andy came by and since he'd never been on skis before, I taught him the basics and got him down the green run TWICE without him falling.  Great job Andy!

These two girls were with a school trip and were sitting in the snow, discouraged because they weren't "getting" skiing and were ready to give up.  My "dad mode" kicked in and I gave them enough encouragement to try it again.  I helped get them over to the bunny hill and got them to go down a few times.  Later, I saw them both on the slopes!  So I was happy to have helped them turn a negative into a positive!

Dave from Buck Hill presenting the check to Special Olympics.  This isn't bad!  And it doesn't even include the online pledges and donations.  Thanks to everyone who participated or donated!

Off to something completely different.  Carson and I went to the Minneapolis Gun Club to try trap shooting.  Well, actually, Carson had done it before at Scout camp, but I'd never done it.  It's way harder than it looks, but we had a great time!

And finally, I spent a lot of time this weekend practicing magic for a Cub Scout magic show I'm doing this week.  Kids are the hardest audience because they don't look where they're supposed to and they end up seeing things they're NOT supposed to!

Hope you have a great week!

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