More Historic Before & After Photos

I love history.  So it follows that I would love historic photos.  Okay, I admit this is super-geeky, but I love finding where an old photo was taken and then trying to replicate that photo all these years later.  I try to find the exact spot the photographer stood in, and get the photo framed the same way they did.  I'm not always exactly successful.  Sometimes I can't get to where they stood, or a building or tree is in the way now.  But here are a few attempts from downtown Colorado Springs.  I know I should take these of Minneapolis-St. Paul and ya know what? Maybe I'll do that too!

This was probably in the 50's sometime.  That's a '49 or '50 Cadillac in the first picture.  The movie theater is still there!  In fact, Carson and I saw "The Hunger Games" there a few years ago.

It's amazing to me how much this view hasn't changed.  And Pikes Peak is still right where it was! 

When the first picture was taken, it must have been in the 50s when Colorado Springs was very small.  Everyone lived within a mile or so of downtown, so people would come to the park downtown to square dance.  I guess this went on for years and years.  Now the park is only okay, with some unsavory characters around to ruin the experience.  It's not terrible, but certainly not what it was.

This one looks pretty bland but it's actually one of my favorites.  In the top photo, the sign says "Levine's".  Well, Levine's was a toy store that everyone went to when I was a kid.  It was freaking magical.  It closed down in the late 80's when the malls took over for good.

Downtown Colorado Springs isn't what it was long ago, but it's been revitalized with shops and restaurants and it's pretty cool to go down there now.  I try to go everytime I'm in Colorado. 

If you ever need ideas on what to do or where to eat in the Colorado Springs area, email me at

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