How to increase your odds to win the Powerball

With the Powerball jackpot surpassing $400 million for this Wednesday's drawing (2/22), we did some research to find out if there are any sure ways to score a piece of that pie. 

The short answer is "no," but there ARE some ways to help increase your odds.

Richard Lustig is one of the "luckiest" people in the country. Having won seven lottery grand prizes, he wrote a book that details his formula on how he was able to continue to win! Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Pick your own numbers. Don't buy "quick picks" generated by the store's computer. Certain number sets are better than others. 
  2. Spread out your chosen numbers. If you keep choosing your birthdays or anniversaries, you're limiting your numbers to only half the numbers available!
  3. Don't change your numbers. Every time you choose a different set of numbers, your odds (however astronomical they may be), resets. Playing the same set of numbers every time will increase your odds. 
  4. Play consistently. But don't go past your limits. 

There are more specifics and a few more tips listed at Forbes and on Richard Lustig's website.

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