Dave's Weekend in Five Photos (Feb 17-20)

Don't you love long weekends?  I was in Colorado this past weekend and got home Sunday night.  Here are some highlights!

In my book, "Take a Shower, Show Up on Time, and Don't Steal Anything" I wrote a chapter on how important it is to talk to old people.  They almost always have a fascinating story you never knew.  I've learned so much from old people and they love sharing their stories.

I was in Colorado Springs, taking photos (as you'll see below) when I went into the old Colorado Springs City Auditorium.  It was empty except for these two guys and this old pipe organ on the stage.  The guy on the right was playing it and I asked the other guy what it was all about.  He told me that this organ was from an old theater in Colorado Springs that was like our own State Theater or Orpheum Theater.  It was torn down 45 years ago but they saved the 100 year old organ and moved it here.  They play it every few months and people love to come and hear it and they were getting ready for a show the next night.  The guy on the left is a pipe organ expert and he took me up in the rafters to show me the pipes and tell me more about it. It was SO cool!  Not because I'm into organs, but because it was historic and I loved hearing how enthusiastic these guys were about preserving it's history.

Speaking of history, this is just something I like to do.  I find old historic photos of Colorado Springs and then try to take a photo of the same thing from the same perspective as the historic photo.

The top photo is of the Colorado Springs City Auditorium, probably taken during World War 2, judging by the cars and the soldiers in the picture.  I took the bottom one on Friday.  Very cool to see what has changed and what has stayed the same!

BTW, I'll have an entire blog about this tomorrow!

I'd been thinking about getting an Apple TV for a few months and finally got one on Friday.  It's awesome!  I used it to watch about 5 episodes of "Black Mirror".

On Saturday I did a Facebook Live video from my house in Colorado just to show you what it looks like out there.  The entire video is still on Facebook, The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show.  At the end of the video, I solved a Rubik's Cube and everyone watching was laughing that they were actually watching someone solve a Rubik's Cube online.  Yes, we were all pretty pathetic!

I don't know if this picture is actually a highlight, but I love my boy.  I just had to take this picture of him on Sunday night.

Hope you have a great week!  Comment below!

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