What's That Liquid in Your Yogurt?

This is something that fascinates me that we've all experienced and wondered but have never taken the time to actually find out the reason.  If you've ever opened a cup of yogurt and been slightly grossed out by the watery substance settled at the top, don't be. It's actually supposed to be there. The watery substance you see is whey and it's there to make your yogurt creamier. It’s actually totally okay to consume!


Maybe you've looked at it and poured it out. Maybe you've mixed it right in with your yogurt. Maybe you stopped buying yogurt all together when you first saw it. Rest assured, though, that it's harmless. It naturally separates!


Someone from Chobani had an answer, “At time during transit due to handling and temperature fluctuations, some whey may separate from the yogurt and settle on top.”


Now that that's over, we can get back to enjoying ourselves.

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