Dave's (Long) Weekend in Five Photos Feb 10-13

Okay, pretty much all the highlights from the trip were riding a motorcycle through the desert!  This in Valley of Fire State Park about an hour outside of Vegas.  We'd never been.  It was chilly, especially for a place called "Valley of Fire" but it was awesome!

We also rode to a town called Pahrump where prostitution is legal.  While we didn't visit any brothels, we did visit a winery, cuz that's what old ladies like to do on their birthday!

This is the bike we rented while we were there.  It's an Indian Chief Vintage.  Love the retro look and color!

Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas is our favorite.  It doesn't have the huge mega-resorts and it's a little seedy and cheesy, but we love it.  We didn't even go to The Strip.

And finally, I'm reading this book and I love it.  It's about a cranky old fart who is completely unlikeable at first.  But as you learn his life story, you really fall in love with him.  

And that's it!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Bonus:  A short video of riding through the park.  Sorry I couldn't figure out how to mute the obnoxious wind noise!

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