Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (2/10 - 2/12)

Weekend went by really fast and started with a surprise concert with Boyz II Men at Mall of America.  They were awesome and played each and every song you'd want them to play.  

Before going on stage to intro them with Falen I took a picture of their beverages.  

I of course also took a picture with the entire crowd at Mall of America.  

Saturday after Boyz II Men Kristy and I went out to dinner with Falen, luckily the kids stayed at a friends house so we took our puppy Charlie over to play with their golden retriever when we picked them up on Sunday. When the weekend started Kristy and Charlie were best friends at this point he was on her **** list because of the next picture.    

Charlie is in deep ish with my wife right now because of the picture below, yes, Charlie decided to chew on her shoes and she was NOT happy because they're two of her favorite pair.  

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