If You're Single, You Will Be Judged for Your Phone

Match.com’s latest Singles in America study says yes. How much does your iPhone 4 lessen your chances of nabbing a date? A lot.

Those with an outdated phone were 56% less likely to get a date. Women are especially picky about what kind of phone you have. They are 92% more likely to judge you for having an old, scratched, or ‘alternative’ device (like an Android).


iPhone users were especially ruthless. They were 21 times more likely to judge someone for using an Android.


Still, no matter what kind of device you have, you shouldn't be using it while on a date. A whopping 55% of people think it's totally unacceptable to break out your phone on a Valentine's Day date. Another 78% said that using your phone too much was a turnoff.


So, most simply put, have a great phone, but don't use it too much and you might find yourself lucky in love!

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