Today's Top 10: Things Guys Shouldn't Do in A Relationship

Making Irrational Decisions

Making irrational decisions can lead to unnecessary problems in a relationship. As men, it is important to be prudent and pragmatic especially when in a relationship. Women do not appreciate men who are bad decision makers.

Shunning Away from responsibility

As men, shunning away from responsibility is perhaps the worst thing to do when in a relationship. Men have to be responsible for just one reason- because they are men. Especially when the stakes are high, shunning away from responsibility is one of the things men shouldn't do when in a relationship. 

Yelling Too Much When Things Go Wrong 

Women are generally soft beings. Yelling too much about something for too long can be an irritant to a healthy relationship.

Being Immature Being immature is perhaps the most important thing men should avoid in a relationship. Immaturity can screw things up royally. 

Lying Too Much 

Everybody lies in a relationship. This however doesn't imply that you go about lying too much. If you are caught more than a couple of times, the relationship will definitely not last long. 

Imposing Yourselves Upon Them 

Another important thing men shouldn't do in a relationship. Imposing yourself upon your woman will take you nowhere.

Embarrassing Them In Front Of Your Friends A real man would never do this. He'd never embarrass his woman in front of friends or anybody for that matter. 


Accept It When They're Right 

Many men have the bad habit of not acknowledging their woman when she is right. This is definitely one of things guys shouldn't do in a relationship. 

Expecting Too Much 

This is a common mistake not just confined to men. Expecting too much from a relationship will drive you to react irrationally.

Ego..! Ego is perhaps the main cause for breaking relationships not just with your girl but other important people in your life as well. Give up your male ego, for having ego wouldn't serve any purpose whatsoever.

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