What Did the "Perfect" Woman Look Like in the Year You Were Born?

When you were born, what did the "perfect" woman look like?  Go back in time and see what the ideal look was when you were born.  And of course, yes, it's all open for debate, and you may not agree with all of these.  But have fun with it and see what you think!

By the way, the original article is right here.  It's one of those super slow-loading click-baity kinds of articles. But they deserve props for the idea.  I just cleaned it up.

1940:  Ingrid Bergman

1945: Rita Hayworth

1950: Grace Kelly

1955: Marilyn Monroe

1960: Audrey Hepburn

1965: Jackie Kennedy

1970:  Lauren Hutton

1975:  Diana Ross

1980:  Princess Diana

1985: Madonna

1990:  Michelle Pfeiffer

1995:  Jennifer Aniston

2000:  Kate Moss

2005:  Jessica Alba

2010:  Beyonce'

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