Mariah Carey threw a $250,000 wedding dress in a fire in her new video for "I Don't" (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey's new song "I Don't" is about about her breakup with billionaire businessman James Packer (allegedly).  They got engaged a year ago, but broke things off back in October.

The video for "I Don't" is out now and during it, you can see her burning the custom $250,000 Valentino wedding dress that she was going to wear.  She tosses it into a fire pit, and dances around while it's engulfed in flames.

The video was shot at the mansion in Calabasas where Mariah and James were living.

For the record, while $250,000 is a lot, if you consider James' $4.4 billion fortune, it'd be like you with your $50,000 fortune burning a dress that cost you $2.84

Skip ahead to the 3:45 mark to see the dress get tossed into the fire.

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