4 lunch habits that are making you gain weight

When I read lists like this, I often think the items are quite obvious...but I do these! Plus, #4 really makes sense. If I open a pack of nuts that is 2 servings, I'll eat both because it's in one package!

1.  Stop deciding what to eat at the last minute.  A study last year found we consume fewer calories if we order lunch an hour ahead of time.  Partly because we don't make healthy choices when we're starving.

YEP! I end up over-ordering, and then I eat it all once I do!

2.  Don't schedule meetings or anything else that's stressful right before lunch.  A study in 2015 found we tend to make unhealthy choices right after a stressful event.  There's less activity in the part of your brain that's associated with self-control.

3.  Don't always eat with other people.  The portions at most restaurants are way too big.  And we tend to eat more if someone we're with is stuffing their face too.  Don't be anti-social about it, but it's okay to eat by yourself sometimes.

I'm the queen of this, and I always notice my thinner friends don't eat everything on their plate...I do:(

4.  Don't eat out of the container your food comes in.  You're much more likely to eat ALL of it if it's in the container, so put it on a plate first.  Whatever won't fit can be dinner, or lunch the next day.  You'll cut calories, and save some money.



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