TODAY'S TOP 10: Celebrities That Are Allegedly Bad in Bed


According to Mediatakeout, one exotic dancer who spent the night with the rapper said he was shy, spit corny lines and was not a well-endowed man. We have to say we’re not totally surprised, but the source is Mediatakeout, so you never know if this was just a scorned ex-lover or someone thirsting for attention.


In her Confessions of a Video Vixen book, Karrine Steffans admitted that she lied to P. Diddy about his sex game. In an excerpt from the book, Steffans claims she told P. Diddy he was one of the best when he was really just “average.”


The tennis star may have moves on the court, but in the bedroom, allegations have been made that she is a bore. According to the Telegraph, Adam Levine allegedly called Sharapova a “dead frog” in bed and said she didn’t make any noise. But the Daily Mail reported that a spokesperson for Levine denied that the singer ever slept with the tennis star.


According to LiveJournal, Nick’s ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, said she didn’t feel anything when the two had sex because Nick isn’t very well endowed.


Some of her ex-partners have accused Aniston of being an "ice queen" who lays there and expects her partner to do all of the work, and that she despises intimacy in general and uses excuses to get out of sex.


Swift’s love life is such a mess. According to Star she has a string of ex-boyfriends for a reason. A source told the magazine: “All she wants to do is kiss for hours, which is probably why none of the guys she dates stick around!”


One former lover say that title only applies to his looks, because he's actually quite dull between the sheets.

Apparently one of his romantic tricks is to spend the entire evening speaking in French--which the anonymous ex-flame described as being like hooking up with Pepe le Pew.


Say it's not so! One of the hottest men in the world is apparently not the best in bed, either. Juliette Lewis said sleeping with Brad was "no big deal" and emphasized the word "big."


Drake’s ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana claims the Canadian rapper is not the world’s greatest lover. She told “He wanted to look at himself in the mirror the whole time…He is a selfish lover.”

Jessie James

It was reported that this chopper-loving heartbreaker was a dud in the bedroom. He was said to have been selfish and only cared about himself while in the throes of passion. It's probably for the best that he's no longer with Sandra Bullock.

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