Steve-O's Weekend in Five Pictures (1/27-1/29)

The weekend has been a blur partially because I'm still on the struggle bus, I have some sort of flu and I've been blowing my nose all weekend.  The HIGHLIGHT of the weekend was Dat Brass Doe at the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  I was invited to "sit in" and be a hype man and it was pretty fun.  (I just noticed the woman standing in the background looking super grumpy.  hahaha)  

I have this pic mostly because my seven-year-old had her half birthday on Friday which believe it or not is a big deal and she wanted another picture with the dog.  

More from the parade. This one is just silly, helped get this cheer team/dance team who's names I didn't catch (sorry) PUMPED UP!  

Another major moment during my weekend was to take our golden doodle Charlie to his very first day of puppy school.  The first 30 minutes was rough but then luckily, things got better. 

Last but not least, man work.  I'm building a gift for my parents that I think is pretty cool.  My mom looks at my blog once and awhile so this is my way of not ruining the surprise.  

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