Falen's Weekend in Five Pictures 1/27-1/29

Friday, I got my teeth cleaned. Shoutout Jenny! This was the first time they didn't stress flossing to me. I've been flossing regularly since the new year as part of my 2017 goal. 

I got to intro Vern Yip from HGTV onstage at the Home and Remodeling show. He was SO nice!

AND I 100% was the person that bought the pans at the show. The lady had the headset on...cooking eggs effortlessly without any sticking. AMAZING! I got 3 pans, so we'll see how good they are when I use them!

AND on Sunday, I took a trip to Mora, MN to see the Dala Horse! Mike and I saw a door mat with a strange animal on it at IKEA, so we posted it on Facebook. Everyone knew it was a Dala horse but us. We had to go see it for ourselves. We took Tina from promotions along too...

I also prepared dinner for Mike, Tina and Raven on Sunday night. 

Click here for the salad recipe!

Click here for the pasta recipe!

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