These Names Get The Most Right Swipes On Tinder

We all have that friend. The one who doesn't pay for drinks or dinner a few nights a week because her dating app skills are incredible. As impressive as that is, new data suggests her name might have something to do with her grade-A Tinder game.

The dating app recently revealed which names earned the most right swipes in the U.S. last year, and according to the data, Hannah tops the women’s list.

Here's the top 10 women's names:

  1. Hannah
  2. Emma
  3. Lauren
  4. Julia
  5. Emily
  6. Rachel
  7. Samantha
  8. Katie
  9. Anna
  10. Sara

Here's the top 10 men's names:

  1. Lucas
  2. Ryan
  3. Matthew
  4. Nick
  5. Josh
  6. Brandon
  7. Justin
  8. Ben
  9. Adam
  10. Andrew

Photo: Getty Images

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