5 Dumb reasons people were fired!

I live in the age of people posting stupid stuff on social media which gets them fired. There's a discussion on Reddit.com where managers are sharing the dumbest thing one of their employees did to get fired.  

 Here are 5 great ones!

1.  "My assistant manager's register was exactly $3.64 short after every shift.  It turns out that's how much he was spending at Taco Bell for lunch.  When we accused him of stealing, he thought we meant all the merchandise he'd been taking."

2.  "A 20-year-old new guy called in sick and said he had a stroke.  He lived across the street from the store, so we all watched him pack up his truck with beach gear and drive off with his girlfriend.

3.  "I had a server take a sip out of a customer's Dr. Pepper and Coke right in front of them to see which was which."

4.  "I had to fire a new dishwasher after she was caught on camera throwing silverware and plates into the dumpster instead of putting them into the dishwasher."

5.  "We had a secretary who wouldn't get anything done.  I eventually got fed up and looked on her work computer.  I found out she was prostituting herself with her company email." 




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