What Your Perfect Date Night Activity Says About You

The way you prefer to spend time with your main squeeze says a lot about you. Here's what we know about your personality based on your ideal date night.

Netflix and chilling. You're a no-fuss kind of gal who likes simplicity. All you need is your date, a cozy couch and the remote control to have a happy night in. You're satisfied with your life and comfortable in your own skin.

Groupon activities. For you, date night is a chance to try something you normally wouldn't. You're an opportunist who likes to seize the day..

Traditional drinks/ happy hour. You enjoy social outings and surrounding yourself with a group of friends.

Volunteering.  If spending time together while giving back sounds romantic to you, you’re a 'thinker' who likes to connect with people on a deeper level. You're also willing to share the details of your life sooner than most, and you’re emotionally available.

Walking wherever the road takes you. This is a date for dreamers and romantics. If you love to roam, the little things in life delight you, and you’re an excellent travel companion.

Rage dancing. If you’d rather spend the evening dancing the night away, you’re not easily impressed. You like extravagant outings that excite you, and you need a partner who’s full of passion and fire just like you.

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