Survivors Of Attempted Murder Share What Went Down

Not everyone lives to tell the tale of a near-death experience at the hands of someone else, but several attempted murder survivors on Reddit mustered up the courage to relive their worst memory.

WARNING: Some readers may find this content disturbing.

"My father shot me in my sleep."

"When I was eight, my father shot me in my sleep, shot and killed my brother in his sleep, and committed suicide. I lost all of my sight, my left eye, and my sense of smell. I survived the shot because the bullet entered from my right temple and exited out my left, instead of enter from the back of my head or my forehead. The bullet lodged into my left hand because my head was resting on my hand when I was sleeping." (via Reddit)

"I was stabbed in the stomach during a bar fight."

"I was stabbed in the stomach during a bar fight and I passed out from blood loss. When I came to I was in the hospital, the surgeon who patched me up let me know that had I not been stabbed I could have died from my appendix bursting. Apparently without realizing it, my appendix was perforated (and not related to the stab wound). What I thought was just some cramps was actually a life threatening time bomb, and thanks to being almost stabbed to death I got to live." (via Reddit)

"Turns out the kid was stabbing him while they were wrestling."

"Not me but my cousin... He was waiting for a train in a not very nice area. Young kid about 16-17 walks up to him and asks if he can use my cousins phone quick to call his mom. Cousin says sure and hands him the phone. After about 3 seconds it was obvious the kid didn't need it to call his mother. He then says 'this is mine now' and starts to walk away. Cousin attacked the kid and started to fight for the phone. Cousin tackles the kid and they start rolling around fighting. My told cousin told me he remembered thinking 'holy sh-t this kid hits hard'. Turns out the kid was stabbing him as they were wrestling. 9 stabs wounds to the head neck upper back area later my cousin almost bleeds out on the train platform. Someone calls 911 ambulance comes and saves him. The phone and kid were both found by police." (via Reddit)

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