5 Things Retail Workers Want You To Know Before You Shop

Working retail isn't easy, and that's just one of the things retail workers want customers to know before they shop. Here's five more:

1. Retail workers agree with you on 99 percent of your complaints. Retail workers know when prices are too high, when a store's understaffed and when no one is around to work the register.

2. Don't walk in right before closing. Half an hour is fine. Five minutes isn't.

3. You don't have to fold clothing flawlessly, just try. If anything, make sure clothing isn't inside out when you throw them back on the table.

4. Don't be a jerk. It's never okay to tell a retail worker (or anyone) "that's your job," or "I'm giving you a job to do."

5. Be nice, they're supposed to ask. No, retail workers don't want to ask you for your email, if you want to open a credit card or if you want a gift receipt. They have to.

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