Weekend in Five Pictures (January 13th -16th)

Friday night Olivia had her first official sleepover with her friend Brynna.  Here she is leaving the house.  

Saturday afternoon Falen and I went to the Minneapolis St. Paul magazine Fit Fest.  We took a class called Mixx with Katie from Life Time Fitness and she kicked my butt, it wasn't strenuous in a normal way, it was tough because I can't dance and I have little to no hand-eye coordination.  I spent a majority of the class trying to follow what the people in front of me were doing.  Here's Falen and I with Katie after class.  

Sunday we ended up at the Crayola Experience at Mall of America which was a lot of fun and we're actually kicking ourselves for not having enough time to stay longer because there really was a lot to do.  Here's a crayon that I made.  

Another cool thing at Crayola Experience, your drawing is put up on the screen and some weird ended up putting this up.  

Finally, Kristy decided that she wanted to get rid of the cupboards in our laundry room and put in something different from Ikea so this is what was left after I took them down on Sunday night.  

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