Mike's weekend in five pics - 1/7-8

I spent most of my Saturday with Falen! We met up with Raven on Saturday morning to have breakfast at Tullibee in the new Hewing hotel in the North Loop in Minneapolis. 

I had the Brisket Hash! It had chunks of tender brisket with crispy and tender potatoes with two sunnyside eggs on top! Delicious! 

After breakfast, Falen and I hit up a couple of stores. I ran to Target for a few essentials and Falen told me to meet her at Ulta. I walked in, expecting to see her picking through eye liner or something. Instead, I turned to my right and found her getting her eyebrows waxed.

We walked over to Barnes & Noble to browse. We were looking for something to do that afternoon. We decided that we wanted to try a puzzle. After much deliberation, we landed on a 1,000-piece puzzle that featured a couple dozen great American novels. It took us five hours to finish, but we felt pretty good about it.

Sunday was a quiet day. Cleaned and did laundry and wrapped up the evening watching the Golden Globes! Congrats to La La Land for picking up so many awards! The movie is amazing and I can't wait to see it again! 

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