The Sinbad genie movie that you remember but doesn't actually exist

Do you have a memory of a 90s movie starring Sinbad as a genie called Shazaam?

We all do, right?

The thing is - that movie doesn't exist. It never did. 

One reporter went deep into investigating the movie and tons of people across the internet have specific memories who can describe the movie, referring to scenes of the movie, the characters and more. 

There's even a guy on Craiglist who offered $1,000 to anyone who could prove a copy of the movie Shazaam (no takers). 

Even Sinbad himself is aware of the theory! In 2009, he Tweeted, "I must hve (sic) played a genie. Everyone says I did." 

But he insists that no movie exists! However, he does say that he will make that movie so we can close this chapter of non-existent memories!

The most likely reason we have a memory of this non-existent movie is because we're confusing it with a similar movie - 1996's Kazaam, sharring Shaquille O'Neal as a genie who grants wishes. 

Or maybe the Sinbad-genie movie is part of "The Mandela Effect" - a Matrix-like theory that we live in a parallel universe that has been altered in some way (just like the BerenstEIN/BerenstAIN Bears theory).

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