7 Signs You Should Be Single

If you’re afraid to break things off with your significant other because you don’t want to be lonely, remember there are plenty of positives to starting the New Year single. Here are 7 signs you might want to head into 2017 unattached:

1. You want a clean slate. 2016 was rough, and if you want to start the New Year, well, new, that could mean saying 'Bye, Felicia' to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. You want to expand your social circle. If you’re always excited to go out and socialize while your S.O. would rather stay home with the remote every night, it could be time to break it off.

3. You want to crush it at work. If you have an amazing opportunity to impress the higher-ups at work, being in a relationship could keep you from focusing on the work ahead. If your romance is a distraction that’s keeping you from getting $#!t don, this could be a sign you should end things.

4. You’re beginning to see your future. When you see your future and your partner isn’t in it, it’s probably time to be single.

5. You need a break from drama. If you spent 2016 dealing with relationship drama, don't start 2017 the same way.

6. You’re curious about other people. If you’ve started thinking about what it would be like to date someone else, maybe you should end things with your current S.O. to see it through.

7. You want to make a major change. The New Year is a wonderful time to make changes, so if your partner didn’t make you feel all the feels you wanted to feel in 2016, it's likely time for the relationship to come to an end.

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