Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics: (6/14/24-6/16/24)

Friday night I had plans to go to dinner with Promo Director, Ted, but then they changed suddenly and we went to the Twins game with some friends. I forget this listener's name but she recognized Ted and I so we took a picture with her.

This is Ted's friend, Amanda. This was a CRAZY night because before we went to Target field, we went to a bar and the bartender dropped a glass right next to me. I started joking with the bartender and told him I'd need a free beer to compensate... only to find myself actually bleeding a few minutes later.

Then later at the game, a random drunk woman like two rows ahead of me threw a beer at me.

Saturday was so ugly outside so I stayed in all day. Sunday I went out and got some work done at The Get Down Coffee Co.

I got there pretty close to them closing so I wasn't there long but I came home and made dinner. I used to make these empanadas and sell them when I was in college! Pretty chill weekend overall. I had plans but the rain kinda put a damper on them so it was fine chilling at home since I was back in Jersey last weekend.

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