Vont's LONG Weekend In 5+ Pics: My GF Came To Visit (5/24/24-5/27/24)

I had a super long holiday weekend and my girlfriend, Alyssa, FINALLY came to visit from New Jersey so this weekend was #OperationConvinceHer. Saturday we went to Backstory Coffee Shop in Minneapolis to get my baby a matcha. She's so beautiful and people must agree because she got unsolicited comments from people at the coffee shop.

We went to Stillwater for the first time and we walked the bridge, had lunch at Matchstick which was DELICIOUS and made bracelets at one of the jewelry shops.

After Stillwater, we went to Target to get some games to play at home and we both LOVE mystery things like this so we bought an unsolved case file. We tried to solve this murder but we got sleepy so we never got to finish it... the case has remains open.

Sunday, Falen invited us over to her place for a little get-together by the lake near her house so we all linked up for a good time!

Yesterday it was her last day in Minnesota so we kept it chill and stayed in the house most of the day. Later on we went for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and were repping KDWB crazy!

Somehow we spontaneously ended up doing the Lime scooters across the U of M campus and parking garage in the pouring rain. This was probably THE BEST way to end her trip because - fun fact - the night of our first kiss, Alyssa and I were walking all around our college campus acting like fools and we ended up kissing in the parking garage. A lot of our adventures tend to be spontaneous so this just felt like a meant to be moment back to our roots.

We were soaking wet after all of this so we went home and packed... I might've cried after dropping her off at the airport but let's cross our fingers #OperationConvinceHer worked!

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