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Eight Embarrassing Moments Most of Us Can Relate To

Next time you do something wildly embarrassing, just remember you're not alone. Over 15,000 people took an online poll on embarrassing moments to see how common they are. How many have happened to you?


1. Tripping or falling in public? 93% said yes.


2. Texting the wrong person? 83% of us have done it.


3. You try to take a sip of something and completely miss your mouth. 87% said it's happened with a drink, or with food.


4. The door says "Pull" but you push instead. 97% have done it.


5. "Deep-liking" something on social. Where you're low-grade stalking someone and "like" an old post from years ago. 57% have done it without thinking.


6. Mishearing someone and replying with an answer that makes no sense. 93% of us have done it.


7. You're in a quiet room when your stomach growls really loud. 88% said yes.


8. Realizing you've had food stuck in your teeth for HOURS. 71% have dealt with that shame. 




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