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The Most Popular Alcohol by State

A restaurant point-of-sale company released some data on the most popular alcohols by state, based on actual orders.

For example, Minnesota drinks the most beer, at 53% more than the national average. Kansas is second, followed by Pennsylvania.


For wine, the top three are: Massachusetts, Florida, and Rhode Island.


For hard seltzer, the top three are: Ohio, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

For whiskey, the top three are: Kansas, Ohio, and Kentucky.


For vodka, the top three are: Delaware, Rhode Island, and Florida.


For gin, the top three are: New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.


They also noted that Texas is the highest consumer of tequila, followed by Georgia, Arizona, and Florida.

Rum is most popular in Hawaii and Louisiana

Brandy is most popular in Wisconsin

And hard cider is most popular in Vermont, followed by Oregon and Washington state.




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