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23 People Have Been Named "Eggnog" in the Past 500 Years

If you're looking for a unique baby name, how about "EGGNOG"?  Apparently less than two-dozen people have EVER had that name.


A site in the U.K. called "Find My Past" went through 14 BILLION historical documents from the past 500 years, and looked for people with festive, HOLIDAY-themed names.


The most common one was "Ivy." They found 2.3 million Ivys since the 1500s, and "Angel" is next at 652,000. But the list gets more and more fun as you go.


"Present" is third . . . "Holly" is fourth . . . "Star" is fifth . . . and over 300,000 babies have been named "Wine".  


"Santa," which means "Saint" in Spanish, is seventh at 158,000. Then "Chestnut," 142,000 . . . "Christmas," 132,000 . . . and over 25,000 kids have been named "Turkey."  


That's the top ten. But the less-common names are even better.


In the past 500 years, at least 3,200 kids have been named "Reindeer" . . . 2,600 have been named "Tinsel" . . . over 2,000 have been named "Mistletoe" . . .


579 have been named "Snowman"  . . . 284 kids have been named "Nutcracker" . . . and they found records of 23 people named "Eggnog."




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