How Much Your Favorite Movie Wedding Would Cost in Real Life

Movies have a way of setting our expectations really high for everything from relationships to the kind of lifestyle we should be able to afford, and then there are those over-the-top on-screen weddings. We know rom-coms are unrealistic, but they’re still inspo for many brides’ perfect dream weddings. So how much do you think tying the knot like they do in some of our favorite movies would actually cost? Jewelry retailer Shane & Co. crunched the numbers and this is what they estimate these characters would’ve shelled out for their nuptials in the real world.

  • “27 Dresses” - Total cost: $27,735.“Jane and Kevin’s” intimate beach wedding in New York would’ve set them back $12,000 for the venue, $7,718 for Jane’s diamond ring, and another $7,000 for her wedding gown, plus $1,017 for flowers .
  • “Bride Wars” - Total cost: $84,562.The sweet spot at the Plaza Hotel for $12,000, the custom Vera Wangdress for $11,000, and the catering at $50,000 contribute to this pricey New York City event.
  • “Bridesmaids” - Total cost $85,220. Lilian’scustom-madeElie Saabgown wasn’t cheap at $30,000 and neither was the fancy catering that also cost $30,000, so even though the Los Angeles Botanical Garden venue was only $3,500, it didn’t make these nuptials budget-friendly.
  • “Love Actually” - $15,644. On the more affordable end of these movie weddings is this one in the U.K. where the antique church venue was only $783, the catering was $5,029, and the biggest cost was Juliet’s lace dress at $7,245.
  • “Sex and the City” - $159,700.And on the other side of the spectrum, “Carrie and Big’s” wedding at the New York City Public Library is the most expensive one on the list. The venue alone was $60-thou, the catering adds another $70-grand, and thatVivienne Westwooddress tacks on $15,700, and that’s all before flowers, the ring, and everything else.

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