Here's 11 Healthy Habits That May Actually Not Be Good For You

What you grew up thinking was healthy, may not be as healthy as you think. It’s kind of late in the game, but you may need to break the habit of(because they’ll actually suck your body and soul totally dry):

  • Jumping Right Out Of Bed– Rushing can put unnecessary stress on the body and increase anxiety.
  • Hitting Snooze 17 Times– According to psychotherapist Lin Anderson, “In a given night, an average individual will go through three to five sleep cycles. If you hit snooze, your brain goes into a sleep cycle, then suddenly gets interrupted minutes later.”
  • Checking Your Phone– Missed notifications can trigger stress and anxiety. Why put that on yourself so early in the morning?
  • Having A Glass Of Juice– Who would’ve thought we’d have problems with juice? Well, juice processing is to blame. It takes out the fiber and all we’re left with is sugar.
  • Taking A Really Hot Shower– It may feel good in the winter time, but it dries your skin out.
  • Skipping Breakfast– You can’t skip the most important meal of the day.
  • Having A Lot Of Carbs– These are good for you, but they’ll make you sleepy in the AM.
  • Thinking About Your To-Do List– If you don’t check off things from this list, you’ll become upset and depressed. No bueno!
  • Washing Your Hair– Doing this every day gets rid of the natural oils that keep your hair from being brittle.
  • Cleaning Out Your Ears– Leave your earwax alone (as long as it’s not falling out of your ears). Q-Tips only jam the earwax even further into your ear.
  • Drinking A Cup Of Coffee– Drink casually, and don’t depend on it.

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