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Kit Kats are made with broken Kit Kats...see other mind-blowing facts here

I found this crazy list on Buzzfeed! You can see the rest of the list by clicking here... MIND. BLOWN.

1. Kit Kats are made with broken Kit Kats.

Kit Kats that get damaged during production are crunched up into a Kit Kat paste and given a second life as the inside of future Kit Kats.

2. La Croix water is flavored with "essence," a clear, concentrated natural chemical derived by heating the skins or rinds of fruits

A Wall Street Journal article describes the chemical as vapors that are “captured, condensed and eventually sold by the 55-gallon barrel.

3.Most oysters you eat are actually alive. recommends checking oysters before you eat them: "If shells are open, tap them lightly with your finger. If the shell closes, the animal is alive and safe to buy. If the shell is gaping open or does not close after tapping it, the animal is dead and may harbor high numbers of bacteria which can make you ill."

4.. All the different colors of Froot Loops have the exact same flavor.

I still think the orange ones taste the best.

5. Loofahs come from gourds.

Sponge gourds and luffa gourds, to be specific.

6. Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian

Authentic Parmigiano Reggiano is created using calf rennet, an enzyme used in the process of coagulating milk to turn it into cheese — usually found in the lining of calves' stomachs.

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