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Meet Sarah from Fargo, ND our 'Falen for a Day'

Our Falen for a Day is Sarah from North Dakota, here are some things to know about her.  

I was an amateur golden gloves boxer in my teenage years and early 20's (13 sanctioned fights). I was good but not great

My hubby is a former professional baseball player. Now he is a successful professional photographer.

We are into motorcycles, my husband (Jesse) much more so than I... and we are heading to Sturgis this year for the third time.

My husband and I got a picture with Dave at the last pj party at Toby Keiths bar. I was thrilled and Dave was very nice, he was dressed as Superman

I might have a little baby crush on Dave... Maybe...

My father-in-law, Peter Rivera, is a famous musician from the band 'rare earth' ('69-75) he was the lead singer and drummer.  They were the first white group signed to Motown records. Big hits such as 'Get Ready' and 'Celebrate' are the most mainstream.  He still plays professionally and kills it.  For some current references to his music, his song "big brother" was in the movie 'Silver Linings Playbook', and on Kanye's new album 'The Life of Pablo', the song 'Fade' has more of Peter's voice than Kanye's. (Big time sampling drama is coming from that one...)

My all time favorite thing you do on the show is when you guys sing... Seriously, I dont know what it is but when you all try to harmonize I cant help but lose it laughing... So if there is any singing bit you need a fourth for, sign me up!!!  Thanks for the smiles and thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me on the show.  This is a big time bucket list item for me.

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