Steve-O's Wknd in Five Pics: A Suspicious Doll In Front of Our House

Allow me to start at the end. I woke up at a normal time on Sunday morning and after drinking coffee for awhile my wife, Kristy noticed something on our front porch. Strange? What could it be? It was a small Caillou doll which any other day would be strange but this time it was suspicious because just about a month ago we bought Falen's daughter, Olive the creepiest Caillou doll ever as a joke on her birthday. Was this a gift from Falen? Was she trying to scare us?

Kristy started doing the decorations over the weekend, I love this idea she had because it's totally different, she got lights and skeletons at Target and I think this is just the beginning.

The leaves are falling hard in our neighborhood, here's Isaac with the leaf blower on Saturday morning.

Apple Orchards and pumpkins were also purchased this weekend, Saturday, Kristy took the kids to get pumpkins and then on Sunday, Olivia and her friends, along with their moms, all went to Minnetonka Orchard while Isaac and I stayed at home.