Steve-O's Wknd in Six Pics: The Biggest DIY Home Project We've Ever Faced

Hope you had a great three-day labor day weekend. Some people rested while Kristy and I spent most of the weekend doing something we've wanted to do for nearly five years, RIP OUT CARPET. Here's Kristy on Saturday morning after we removed all the trim in our house she was finally able to start ripping it out.

That was a huge deal but I'm now getting ahead of myself. The weekend started in away similar to a lot of people, we along with I feel like everyone in the world, rented Mulan on Disney+. I never saw the animated film but I heard it's very different but I think this version was really really good.

Back to the home projects. What are we actually doing? A LOT! We ripped out all the carpet that covers half of the main floor, we refinanced and saved and we're having vinyl flooring put in but not before we paint and do new moulding on the entire first floor of our home. Most people would say, "why waste your time? Pay somebody"....well...I actually find the process to be meditative and relaxing and so far I love the results.

Since our kids start school up again on Tuesday we ended up going to a friends house for a fire on Saturday. While the parents hung out in the backyard the kids watched a movie on the homemade movie screen.

Final fun highlight from the weekend was getting up way too early on Sunday morning to go fishing with Isaac. He starts fourth grade on Tuesday and his love for fishing amazes me we even prepared one of the fish that he caught and he made fried fish balls with a killer recipe that he found online.

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