Steve-O's Vaca & The Seven Best Things About A Family Trip to Grand Marais

I had a week off and every single second of it was packed. The weekend started with projects at home and a surprise. Our friend dropped off donuts on Saturday morning, Isaac’s had a loose tooth for a few days that he wouldn’t let Kristy pull out, so he bit into one of the donuts and out popped his tooth!

The vacation started with a big financial decision in our lives, like a lot of people we know, we refinanced our house and were able to get everything signed for on Monday.(FINALLY GOT RID OF THE PMI)

Tuesday was our son, Isaac’s ninth birthday and since we didn’t do a birthday party we ended up doing something even better. He LOVES to fish so we got to spend six hours fishing on a friends boat on a lake PACKED with fish. Isaac caught a bunch of crappies and sunnies but he was most excited about the bass he caught.

The adventure of our vacation began on Wednesday when we headed north to Grand Marais. We didn’t stay in a tent or a hotel, we rented a camper! This is something we’ve NEVER done before and pulling a camper behind my wife’s Honda Pilot at times was a bit nerve wracking but it worked and we’d totally do it again.

Grand Marais is awesome, we arrived on Wednesday and stayed until late on Friday and there’s still so much more to do. Here are nine highlights from our trip to Grand Marais.

Seeing where people carved their names in the rocks while waiting for boats to pull into Grand Marais.

Hiking at Cascade River State Park (Didn't make it to Devil's Kettle but plan on going next time.)

Donuts from World’s Best Donuts

Alpine Slide and at Lutsen

The 'Moose Lookout" at Superior National Park (which was a waste). The cool part was we ended up finding this old car from I’m guessing the 1950’s or 1960s that people online think was left behind by a logger.

A family of Otters that we spotted swimming out to Lake Superior.

This fish I caught in the river which is possibly the smallest fish known to man.

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