A Cat Expert Says You Aren't Feeding Your Cat Enough

My family is lucky that we have a cat named Kermit that I think is probably the best cat ever because he's a lover and not high maintenance. We've always fed him twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon but a recent podcast episode with a cat expert says we aren't feeding him the right way and we should actually be feeding him less but more often. A behavior expert named Zazie Todd says we should actually be feeding cats five times a day.

[C]ats prefer to be fed five times a day, if that’s possible, rather than just twice a day. [It’s] good for them to spread their meals out. Because if you think normally a cat would be catching mice throughout the day and a cat might catch maybe 10 mice in a day, that would be like 10 little meals. So if we can try to approximate that, that’s good for the cats.

Lifehacker Animal Behavior Expert

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