Is This Cruel? TV Show Uses VR to Reunite Mother With Deceased Daughter

I can't imagine the heartbreak and trauma of losing a child, it's a nightmare for every parent. A TV show in Korea did something I didn't think was even possible by reuniting a mother with her deceased seven year-old daughter. This started a conversation, if you were living the nightmare of losing a child would you want to do this?

The show used VR goggles and special glove that made it possible for the mother to 'feel' her daughter, they were also somehow able to recreate the daughters voice. This is something I didn't think was possible but here it is and initially I think it's weird and heartbreaking but maybe it would give someone closure. In the video the girl interacted with her mother, told her that she misses her. The mother grew emotional and replied, "I miss you, too." and after a while the little girl said she was tired and was going to take a nap.

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